Secret Nudist

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When the weather is cooperative, I do enjoy going out of my back door nude between midnight and 4:30 a.m. Although I've been gay in my sexual conquests, I am currently married to a disabled, retired nurse, whom I love very much. I still desire to have men for sex, far stronger than my desire for my wife. But nudity is my passion and my secret. I'd just love to meet other mature gay nudists and socialize with them.

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I think you look damn sexy, and i'd love to be outdoors in the early morning with u! Used to be a lot like that when i was a kid - wandering out into my garden in the nude. Still do it a bit now,as its SUCH a turn-on! xx

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Wd love to wander naked through a moonlit field at midnight with u - just as nature intended! the fresh Spring breeze on our skins..our cocks and butocks

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Im a nudist too. Sometimes i change my clothes in front of the window with the curtains open so that the neighbors may peek. I dont know whether its normal or not but i enjoy it.